This page lists the other artifacts and source word lists used for scowl.


AGID is an Automatically Generated Inflection Database from an insanely large word list. My goal is for the non-questionable entries to be 100% accurate.

readme, tar.gz, zip (2016.01.19) source

Unofficial Jargon File Word Lists

The Unofficial Jargon File Word Lists is a collection of useful Word Lists created from the Jargon file.

readme, tar.gz, source

Part Of Speech Database

The Part Of Speech Database is a combination of "Moby (tm) Part-of-Speech II" and the WordNet database.

readme, tar.gz, zip, source

Please note that this is not a very high quality source. For common words the 2of12id.txt file from the Alternate 12 Dicts Package is better.

Ispell English Word Lists

This package contains the contents of the Ispell (ver 3.1.20) word list after being expand from there affix compressed form used by Ispell.

readme, tar.gz, zip

This package is provided for historical purposes. The Ispell lists are no longer directly used by SCOWL.

Other Sources

You can also find the source of these lists in the git repository.